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Bird Blasting Browser

You won’t find video games mentioned here very often. That’s not because we have anything against them, far from it, but we know only too well how much time they can waste and having previously suffered from a serious addiction, we’re not keen to get sucked in again. However, occasionally a game comes along that’s simply impossible to ignore, and one such is Angry Birds, which has been a huge hit with mobile phone users. So far so good, but what about all those people without smart phones or tablet PCs? Well, help is now at hand with an online version of Angry Birds, which runs on any browser, or you can have it as an add-on for Google Chrome. The choice is yours and if you don’t have a fancy phone and you suspect that using a giant catapult to shoot wacky-looking birds at wobbly structures could be fun then your prayers have just been answered.



But is it Art?

We are not quite sure what to make of this one. It’s called IOGraph and the idea is that once started this little freeware application tracks your mouse or trackpad movements. When it stops recording you are presented with a graphical image, showing where your mouse has been on your desktop. The designer reckons it’s modern art; well that’s open to debate, eye of the beholder and all that. Nevertheless, we have to say that two or three hours worth of mousing does look quite interesting and it’s easy to see where the ‘hot spots’ are on your desktop are but whether you want to print it out and stick it on the wall is another matter…



Back to BASIC

Anyone who grew up with computers in the 1970s and 80s will know all about BASIC or the Beginners All-purpose Simple Instruction Code. In the hierarchy of computer operating and programming systems BASIC is just a couple of steps up from raw instruction code, and several layers below fancy graphical user interfaces like Windows and Mac OS. As the name suggests it is a simple set of logical instructions, written in plain text, more or less, but the beauty of BASIC is that just about anyone can understand it, and make their Atari, Commodore, Sinclair et al computers do useful things. However, the real point of BASIC was that it taught a generation of kids to program computers, rather than just mindlessly play with them. Many of them went on to write and create the operating systems, applications and games that we all use today. Sadly BASIC is fast becoming a footnote in computer history, but if you are old enough to remember, or want to know what it was like back in the olden days then do yourself a favour and download and install Microsoft Small Basic. It’s designed to run inside Windows (XP, Vista W7 etc) and it works really well, providing novices with lots of help to compile and troubleshoot their routines and programs. Old Sinclair hands won’t have any trouble with it, though you’ll have to learn to forget some old (and mostly bad) habits… Apart from anything else it’s fun to use and who knows, it may even inspire a new generation of programmers to get their hands dirty and discover what makes computers tick.



Kindle For PC Available

No doubt you’ve been reading all about the Kindle e-book from Amazon and probably wondered what the fuss was about and if this really is the end of the printed book as we know it. Of course it’s not, but it is an interesting gadget and maybe one day you will own one, or something like it but for most of us the price is still a bit off putting. Now you can try Kindle for free, not the e-book reader, you understand, but the Kindle PC program from Amazon that incorporates many of the e-book reader’s main features. You can download and read books on your PC (some are free), create bookmarks and annotations and synchronise your e-library with a Kindle e-book. There’s a couple of things the PC software can’t do, and it won’t let you view newspapers, magazines and blogs, at least not yet, and it’s also only available for the PC (XP, Vista and Win 7), a Mac version is promised soon.



Developing an interest in Coffee and Vitamin C

I’m having trouble getting a computer or technology slant on this Tip but bear with me, it’ll be worth it. Let’s suppose that the battery in your digital camera and mobile phone have both expired and you absolutely have to take a picture of something or other in the next few minutes. Here’s what you do. Dig out that old film camera that’s been gathering dust in the drawer, take your photos and here comes the clever bit, develop the film using coffee, and some vitamin C tablets… 


Apparently it can be done and if you pop over to the photojojo web site (where there are plenty of proper teccy tips), you’ll find the recipe for developing films using the kind of stuff you’ll find in the average kitchen. It probably won’t surprise those of you with a smattering of chemical savvy, but instant coffee, vitamin C and a dash of washing soda makes a great (if somewhat slow) developer, and it probably smells a lot better than the real thing. My one gripe is there’s no recipe for Fixer, to stop the image fading away and I have it in my mind that another household chemical will do the job, but that’s another tip for another day.



You Need Your Head Testing...

How often have you heard that? Plenty of times in my case, but I can now say with some certainty that my noodle is functioning reasonably well, at least according to this on-line brain tester. It’s called The 60 Second Brain Game and the idea is you have to respond to aural and visual stimulus, simultaneously, by tapping a key on your keyboard when a series of numbers and symbols appear on the screen, accompanied by voice, that says a number. When the spoken number matches the number of objects hit the spacebar. It’s deceptively difficult, and the faster you respond, the faster the game goes. It’s probably not very scientific, but a decent score is sort of reassuring, that you’re not completely bonkers…



Vote For Me, US President in 2008

The rumours are true. I have decided to give up journalism for a higher calling and you can see an exclusive news report, featured on News Channel 3 in the US, on the surprise announcement of my candidacy for US president here at


Pretty convincing huh? I am indepted to my brother Pete for alerting me to this very clever website. If you want to have a go yourself, just wait for the video to finish and fill in your own details. It’s quick and simple and at the end you’ll get a web address, which you can open or send it to a friend (or enemy) and give them a laugh.



Hat Trick For Choosing Names

Here’s something for all you quizmasters, teachers and organisers of events out there, faced with the often thankless task of choosing someone, or something at random from a list, or organising lists into a random order. It’s called The Hat, and the name says it all. It’s an electronic hat, just put the names or entries into it, click the ‘Pick’ button and one, or a pair of names are drawn out at random, to the accompaniment of a drum roll sound effect. Keep clicking the button and you compile a random list. You can import names from a file and Save and Print the results, so no one can accuse you of cheating!



Sticks and Stones…

I’m not sure I should be telling you about this website because it is a bit, well, naff, but just in case some of you are in the family way, and stuck for a name for your new sprog, then maybe Nymbler can help. The idea is you type in a name that you like the sound of and Nymbler chews on it for a few moments then comes up with a page load of name suggestions that it reckons you might like. I suppose it might help avoid arguments – I still bear the scars from the time we named our kids – and who knows, it might actually come up with something interesting. But remember, a name is for life, just ask Zowie, Moon Unit, Depressed Cupboard Cheesecake (yes really…) and all poor sods named after entire football teama.



Army Freeware

Here’s something that might keep you amused if you’re at home for the next few days. In fact if you have a slow internet connection it might take the best part of a day to get hold of America’s Army. It’s a  free ‘first person shooter’ online game developed by a team working for the US Army in an attempt to encourage recruitment. The download is a whopping 2.9Gb but according to seasoned gamers it is well worth the effort. There are numerous missions and characters, you have to progress through basic training, gaining strength and skills after which you are ready to set forth and defend the American constitution, bound by the rules of engagement, though rest assured you will get to shoot at people and things with big guns…




Top Taches Online

Here's a really pointless Top Tip that’s also a lot of fun. It’s called and the idea is you upload a portrait then use the tools on the website to create an eye-catching, soup-straining lip cosy. You can choose the colour style and shape, and use the Tonic, razor and wax tools to trim it into shape and apply a few finishing touches, and throughout you’ll be regaled with some lively western banjo music. When you’ve finished you can save the image, so if you’ve ever wondered what you, or your nearest and dearest would look like with a wild walrus or handsome handlebar, give it a try y’hear, y’all…




Pinball Easter Egg

We haven’t had an Windows Easter Egg for quite a while, probably because Bill Gates (or rather the US Government – major buyers of Microsoft products) banned them. Anyway, for those of you who are new to this malarkey, Easter Eggs are hidden features inside programs, usually put there by mischievous or bored programmers. Some of them like this one in the Windows game 3D Pinball is probably a programming ‘tool’ that was forgotten or left behind when the game was released.


So here’s how it works, launch the game by going to Start > Programs > Games then straight away type ‘hidden test’ (minus the quotes). Now you will be able to drag the ball around the table and interact with all of the game’s features, notching up as many points as you want. There’s more, press the ‘H’ key and you can enter you name and a score up to 1,000,000,000 points. That should impress the neighbours…   



Hidden Flight Simulator in Google Earth

Here is another good reason to upgrade to the latest version (v4.2) of Google Earth. Drop what you are doing now, open the program and press Ctrl + A (or Ctrl + Alt + A) to launch the hidden Flight Simulator program.


It’s based on Google Earth’s image streaming and you can fly around the area currently showing, choose from a number of preset locations or takeoff and land from a selection of airports around the world.


You have a choice of two aircraft, an F16 fighter or a slightly more sedate Cirrus SR22 single engine aircraft. Obviously it’s not as sophisticated as full blown flight sim programs but you have a good heads-up display showing attitude, altitude, heading, engine speed and so on, and there’s a full set of controls using your PC keyboard, or you can plug in a joystick. It’s great fun, highly addictive and very realistic. Stick to around 2-3000 feet for the best effect, and landscapes with a lot of buildings or 3D structures works really well, just watch those dives and stalls!



Get Simpsonized!

Unless you’ve been in the Big Brother House, or on another planet (pretty much the same thing…) for the past two months it probably won’t have escaped your notice that The Simpson’s have made a movie, and it’s coming out in a few days time. To celebrate this fact the web is awash with Simpson’s websites. Most of it is dross, but here’s one that might amuse you, from the folks at Burger King. It’s called Simpsonize Me and the idea is you upload a full face piccy of yourself – or someone you want to Simpsonize – make a few choices and hey-presto, you’re a character from the series. By the way, the handsome bald chap opposite is me, and I have to say it’s not a bad likeness….



Gift of the Blab

Here’a another one of those really innovative novelty sites that you are really going to enjoy playing around with. Blabberize lets you make your photos talk, sing, or just make funny noises. Pop along to the site and click the ‘Make a Blabber’ link. You can sign in for free with the username and password ‘guest’. Now all you have to do is upload a picture from your PC  -- preferably a full face shot -- then using a simple tool, define the area of the mouth and jaw. Next, plug in your PC microphone and record up to 3 minutes worth of sound and the mouth in the picture moves in time with the audio, it’s brilliant. Save your file and upload it to the site or email it to friends or even embed it in your web pages; trust me, it's hilarious!   



Portable Sudoku

On the off chance that you are not sick to death of the highly addictive number puzzle game Sudoku here’s a way to play it on any handy PC. The good folks at have developed a version that runs happily from a USB flash drive, or your MP3 player, so there’s no need to install the program, and it doesn’t leave anything behind.


Just download the program onto the removable media/device of your choice and you are good to go. Plug the drive or player into any PC and run the program, now you can get a fix of your favourite brainteaser anywhere. It’s resizable, there are 4 difficulty levels, a ‘cheat’ mode and your current game is automatically saved on exit. The next time your flight is delayed and you’re stuck in the departure lounge, why not see if some kind soul will lend you their laptop…



Black, White, Asian or Drunk…

I’m not sure how to categorise this website, but basically The Face Transformer lets you upload a mug-shot and with a few clicks, see what you would look like if you were Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian, East Asian, West Asian, a Botticelli painting, older, younger, a man or a woman, Manga cartoon, apeman (or apewoman) or simply drunk…


Once the picture is uploaded choose the sex and age you want to be, frame the image, centre the eyes and mouth, and make your selection. Some effects work better than others, and Drunk is decidedly unflattering but the results are always interesting, so if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to change colour, race, sex, species or state of sobriety, this is your chance.



Knot Another Website?

I don’t know about you but I missed out on the whole Boy Scout tying knots experience and it shows, just look at my shoelaces… But I digress, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to tie a Rolling Hitch or Sheet Bend, or wondered what the difference was between an Alpine Butterfly, a Double Fisherman’s and a Necktie Half Windsor, then pop along to Animated Knots by Grog. This website has seven categories of knot (Boating, Climbing, Fishing, Scouting, Search & Rescue, Household & Decorative) and just about everything else you ever wanted to know about knots and rope. But the best bits are the animations, which show in simple steps how to tie each know. Be prepared! One day you’ll thank me for telling you to bookmark this brilliant site!



Type Better With TypeFaster

Most people learn to type as they go, graduating slowly from hunt-and-peck to look-see every now and again. If you are anything like me after a few years you can go at a fair old lick, but you still make a lot of mistakes, simply because you’ve never been taught to touch-type.


It’s never too late to learn and this little freeware program, called TypeFaster Typing Tutor could help you to lose some of those bad habits, and increase your speed. Download the program and every so often work your way through the lessons. It starts swith some really two-finger moves then gradually ramps up to more challenging exercises. If you stick with it you’ll be typing like a pro in no time flat.



Cubism for Beginners

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of an impressionist, or you want to explore your cubist tendencies then you can put your skills to the test with Mr Picassohead. It’s a web-based drawing program, with a distinctly surrealist flavour. Just choose you head, eyes, hair, mouth and so on, place and size them according to taste, add a signature and voila, an instant masterpiece in the style of the Spanish master, which you can save or email to a friend or your local auction house. Hours of fun for all the family!



Take The Idiot Test...

Just how clever are you? Well if you are really smart you will ignore this altogether and go and do something useful but if like us, you can’t resist a challenge then take the online Idiot Test but be warned, it’s a real time-waster! All you have to do is visit the web page and follow some very simple instructions, but keep your wits about you and assume nothing otherwise you won’t make it past ‘Borderline Idiot’.



Doodle and Dance with Pictaps

Here’s a brilliant time-waster. It’s called Pictaps, simply pop along to the website, wait for it to load and click the Paint button. You can now use the simple drawing tools to design a character, based on the outline template; add colours and features. When you are happy with it click the OK button, give it a name and your character is transported into a 3D landscape, and starts dancing, along with countless copies and clones of itself.


It’s mesmerising, and highly addictive and when you get a moment have a look at some of the characters created by other visitors to the site. You can share your efforts with others with a link address, or download it to your blog or website, you can see the results of my pathetic drawing skills, called ‘Nukeman’ here, and yes, the resemblance is uncanny...



Enterprising Use For Old Laptops

If you have an old laptop sitting around gathering dust here’s something interesting to do with it. A freeware program called LCARS24 turns it into a Star Trek computer, complete with an authentic looking Starfleet graphic user interface (GUI), containing games, utilities, simulations, a graphical reference library and a full-screen alarm and clock display. It helps if you are familiar with DOS although it will run under XP -- see the ReadMe files -- but it works best on older Windows 9x (DOS) machines with TrueColor graphics adaptors. Great fun for Trekkies and teccies of all ages



Notepad Bug In Vista

Here’s an interesting little oddity in Windows that will keep any conspiracy theorists you know entertained for hours.


Here’s how it works, open Notepad (Start > Programs > Accessories) and type the following ‘bush hid the facts’  (without the quotes). Now go to File > SaveAs, call the file bush.txt, click OK and close Notepad. Run Notepad again and open the file and see what happens. Spooky! Your text message will have been scrambled, turned into foreign characters or little boxes… Now try it with ‘moon pix are fakes’ and the same thing happens, it’s uncanny!


The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted something. In both cases the messages comprise an even number of lower case letters in the form ‘xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx’. This combination of characters just happens to trigger a little known bug in Windows that prevents it from checking short strings of ASCII characters, and it seems to have escaped the attention of the Vista development team because it works in that version of Notepad as well. Now see if you can come up with a Notepad boggling phrase to confound and amuse your friends.



Flipbook Printer

Remember those little flipbooks you used to get in comics (I’m showing my age now), or maybe you’ve made your own by drawing ‘stickmen’ on the corners of an exercise book?  Now you can make your own with this simple to use ‘donationware’ utility (it’s free but if you like it then you are encouraged to make a small donation). It’s called Flipbook Printer and it creates custom flipbooks from video files shot on a camcorder or digital camera. It’s really easy to use, just select the movie file you want to use, set up your print options, click the Print icon and away it goes. Cut out the images, or use ready perforated ‘Business Card’ blanks, staple them together and flip away!



A Plague on you RayRay!

I have just wasted two hours of my life on one of the most pointless, banal and bewilderingly addictive web games ever and the only way I can get my own back is to inflict it on you lot!


It’s called StandRay and all you have to do is make a lot of little guys, called RayRays, all stand up at the same time. Groups of them march onto the screen and crouch down, clicking on a RayRay makes one or more of them stand up, so using logic and memory you have to find the right combination of clicks to get them all to stand together. Sound’s simple enough doesn’t it…



Parking Poser From Peugeot

Time for a quick break from the teccy stuff and thanks to Peugeot I’ve just wasted the best part of an hour struggling with an infuriating little website game. It’s all linked to a promotion for the Peugeot 107, but it’s okay, you don’t have to buy one to play. The game is called Parking Perfection and as the name implies it involves parking a 107 in a number of designated spaces. It’s pretty straightforward and you use the keyboard cursor keys to control steering and forward and reverse motion. It’s surprisingly addictive, and watch out for the dog in the last level… 



Warning Forever! Zap those Alien Devils!

Normally I avoid games like the plague, I'm easily distracted and know that I can waste hours playing the damn things when I should be getting on with my work, but I just couldn't resist this one. It's called Warning Forever, by Hikoza. T. Ohkubo and it transported me back more than 20 years to the early 1980s and an almost forgotten video game system called Vectrex. It was revolutionary in its time as it used vector graphics to display boxy shapes on the screen but the games were fast and furious and a lot more challenging than the slow cartoon like graphics of rival systems.


But I digress, Warning Forever, is a classic space shoot-em-up in the mould of Asteroids and Space Invaders in glorious 2D vector graphics, but brought up to date with a lot of fancy effects. Your mission is to pilot your funky space fighter around the screen and destroy the nasty pink-laser firing 'Boss Ship'. Well, you probably didn't have anything important to do today anyway...



Can Your PC Read Your Mind?

Could a computer program that appears to read your mind be a security threat? In exhaustive tests we’ve carried out The Mystic Ball scored an astounding 99.9 percent success. Nine possible explanations we’ve seen for this amazing phenomenon include the chips inside your PC being sensitive to brainwaves, or maybe somehow it’s picking up microscopic and unconscious movements of the mouse or keypad. Whatever the explanation it’s absolutely uncanny!




As regular readers may know I’m fascinated by all things radioactive so how could I refuse the chance to run my own Nuclear power station? Fear not, the inevitable meltdowns were all virtual, using a Nuclear Power Plant simulator that runs from a browser. It’s all down to juggling your control rods, and coolant flow, and keeping an eye on the energy outputs and after a while I got quite good at it, so if any nuclear power station operators are reading this I’m volunteering my services…




Generally speaking I avoid computer games like the plague; I’m easily distracted and end up wasting hours playing the damn things, but Word Craft I can just about justify because it really makes you think, so it’s probably quite good for my aging and increasingly befuddled  brain; that and the demo version is time limited to an hour’s playing time.


As the name implies it’s a word game, but with a difference. Your job is to make words -- three letters or more, from a grid of letters but you have to be quick. When you make a word the letters heat up and change, but if you allow them to cool, by not using them, eventually they become frozen and when they’re all frozen it’s game over. It’s really addictive and now that my hour has almost run out I’m seriously thinking of shelling out $20 for the fully registered version to keep exercising the old grey matter.



Avert your eyes now if you are an aficionado of the Windows game Minesweeper because I am about to reveal a hidden secret that will allow you surreptitiously see where mines are located on the grid. All you have to do is open the game, move the mouse cursor to the game panel, type the following code: xyzzy then press Shift > Enter > Enter. You should now notice a small white dot -- 1 pixel in size -- appear in the top left hand corner of your monitor screen. If you now move the mouse pointer to the game grid every time it passes over a mine the pixel will turn black.


It’s okay, you can look now, we’ve finished…



Windows XP is not supposed to have any Easter Eggs. These are extra little features hidden away by programmers with time on their hands.


The story goes that Microsoft agreed not to include any secret or undocumented features in Windows in order for it to be used by US Government Agencies. In fact there are several and here’s one, possibly two, that slipped in through the back door, carried over from earlier versions of Windows. The definite one is a way to brighten up the 3D Pipes screensaver, changing the pipes to stripy candy canes.  To try it out select the Screensaver tab in Display Properties (Start > Control Panel > Display). Select 3D Pipes from the list then click the Setting button. Under Pipes select Multiple, under Pipe Style Joint Type select Mixed and under Surface Style select Textured. Click the Choose Texture button and it will open the Windows folder, just click Cancel, click OK on the 3D Setting button and fire up the screensaver by clicking Preview. Pretty…


The second, possible Easter Egg is a teapot, which on 3D pipes in earlier versions of Windows randomly appears in place of pipe joints. It should still be there but I gave up looking after 20 minutes. The teapot is quite small so it’s easy to miss, but if anyone spots it let me know. In case you were wondering the teapot is homage to the ‘Utah Teapot’. Back in 1974 it was the first computer graphics object to be designed and rendered as a sculptured surface (previously solid shapes were built up from lots of polygons) and you can find out more about it here.




Kids today, don’t know they’re born, I remember the days when a one megabyte memory module costs the best part of a weeks wages, and that was if you knew the bloke who’s mate drove the lorry they fell off of.


We’ve all heard the stories from parents and grandparents about the good old days, when you could buy a car for seven and sixpence and the average annual wage was tuppence ha’penny, but just how true are these yarns? Well, there’s an easy way to find out, just pop along to the EH Net website and have a play around with the Relative Value calculators. You can find out exactly what ten bob (50 pence) in 1922 would be worth today or compare the value of the pound against the dollar from 1830 to 2004, fascinating stuff.


Here’s a good one in 1985 a mid-range Dell desktop PC (75MHz CPU, 8Mb RAM 525Mb HDD) would have set you back almost Ł1900, which would be almost Ł3,800 at 2004 prices (the most recent year for calculations); it makes you feel quite humble…     



The Solitaire game in Windows must be one of the greatest time-wasters of all time -- it drives office managers crazy -- but even though it is so simple it can be highly addictive. If you're one of the millions hooked on it then you have probably figured out by now that the Draw 3 option -- selected by default -- slows the game down, increases the odds against you winning and makes it harder to play. Of course you could just switch to easy-peasy Draw 1 setting and play it that way but where's the fun in that? The next time you're in a fix try this simple little cheat. Press and hold down the Crtl, Alt and Shift keys, then click on the top card and you'll find that you can now select cards one at a time.




We know that the FreeCell and Minesweeper games included in almost all versions of Windows have a devoted following and some may consider what follows as heresy so if you're a purist avert your eyes now because we are about to reveal some simple cheats and enhancements.


In FreeCell you can win instantly by holding down Ctrl + Shift + F10, choose Abort from the menu that appears and drag any card to the top.


To switch off the Minesweeper timer, position the mouse pointer on any grey part of the game window, press and hold the right and left mouse keys and press the Escape key.

Finally, you can add some simple sound effects to Minesweeper by opening Windows Notepad (Start > Programs > Accessories) select All Files then open the 'Winmine.ini' file in the Windows folder (you might want to make a backup copy, just in case). Add the line 'Sound=3' to the end, Save and exit Notepad. If you add a subsequent line 'Tick=1', you'll hear a bleep as the timer counts up




'Easter Eggs' are diverting little features hidden away inside software applications, and another reason why programs take up so much hard disc space these days... This one is in both Windows 95 and 98. Open Display Properties in Control Panel, select the Screensaver tab, choose 3D Pipes, click the Settings button and check 'Multiple', 'Traditional' and 'Solid'. In Joint Type select Mixed, click OK then Preview and look out for Teapots... No prizes, but can anyone tell us what's so special about this particular teapot?




This next one can be found in Windows 98 and is quite challenging, calling for a very steady hand, and possibly an atlas. Double click on the time display on the Taskbar or click on Regional settings in Control Panel and select the Time Zone tab to display the world map. Hold down the Ctrl key and move the mouse pointer to Cairo, at the northern end of the Red Sea, click and hold the left mouse button then move the mouse pointer to Memphis Tennessee (above Florida) release the mouse button, then without moving the pointer click and hold and move the pointer to Redmond in Washington State (just North of San Francisco) release the mouse button, watch, listen and be amazed (well, mildly surprised...).  Don't give up if it doesn't work first time, you have to be very precise.




This Easter Egg is quite diverting and it lives in Excel 2000. It's a challenging driving game with excellent graphics; note that you will also need DirectX 6 or 7 on your PC, if not you'll find it on most PC magazine cover-mount CD-ROMs.


Pay attention, it's quite involved, but well worth the effort. Open Excel 2000, on the File menu select 'Save As Web Page' then check the items 'Save Selection Sheet' and 'Add Interactivity', click Save and a file called 'page.htm' should end up in My Documents (or wherever else you choose to put it). Exit Excel and open Internet Explorer and open the saved 'page.htm' file. Scroll all the way down to row 2000 and along to column WC, check the cell, highlight the whole line and use tab to select cell 2000 WC again. Next, hold down Ctrl + Shift + Alt and click on the Excel logo in the top left hand corner. The screen goes black and after a few seconds the game starts. Use the arrow keys to steer, the spacebar to fire your guns, H for headlights, O to spray oil and Esc to exit. Good luck!



Internet Explorer 5 has its own Easter Egg. On the Tools menu select Internet Options then the General tab and click the Languages button. Select Add and in the User Defined field type 'ie-ee' (minus the quote marks) then click OK. Highlight the entry and click the Move Up button to put it at the top of the list. Select OK to close the windows click on the Search icon and in the side menu you see a new set of options. Select Previous Searches and follow the links on to the Internet to see the guilty ones!




This is actually more of a curiosity and it concerns most versions of Windows 98. Try this: right click on the taskbar select Properties and the familiar Taskbar Properties dialogue box opens. Close it and this time hold down the Ctrl key and keep it pressed while you right click on the taskbar and select Properties. The same dialogue box opens but this time there's an extra tabbed item called Deskbar. If you click on it a new dialogue window opens but all of the options are greyed out. It's almost certainly an unfinished or deleted feature but what it was for or supposed to do is one of life's little mysteries...

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