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Capturing Kindle

Would there be any damage to my Kindle if I were to scan pages from it?

Mike Robinson, by email


Scanners and photocopiers use LEDs and fluorescent tubes as light sources and these are not bright enough to harm e-ink or LCD displays, but there are other ways to capture pages from an ebook. If you have a Kindle Fire (2011 onwards) or almost any recent Android tablet just press the volume down and power off buttons simultaneously to take a screen grab, which you can view, print and share like any other image. Better still, install the free Kindle app on your PC, enter your account details and it will sync with the library on your device. Tap PrtScn on your keyboard to take a screenshot and open it in any image editing program or highlight the text, and copy and paste it into a word processor document. Bear in mind that there may be copyright issues if the screen grab or copied text is going to be used for public display or any commercial purposes. 



Bossy Hudl

I have had a Tesco Hudl for several months and suddenly I have a problem. If I am undertaking any action whereby I am required to insert my own email address into a box, it will let me do so, but the moment I move onto the next box the address changes and becomes gobbledegook.

Gerry Harcombe, by email


Take your pick from the Hudl’s Auto Correction, Personalised Suggestion or Next Word Suggestion functions. They work like a mobile phone predictive text system, but on steroids, wilfully deciding to correct or replace words it does not agree, with whilst you are typing. To find out which are responsible switch them off one at a time by going to Settings > Language & Input; tap the menu icon next to Google Keyboard and select Text Correction to display the options. 



Free Money

I have several years of home accounts stored using Microsoft Money 2002. This is no longer supported. I am very happy with the product and it worked, with some peculiarities, on a new Windows 8 laptop but I live in fear that it will not work when future releases of MS Windows come out. Can you suggest an alternative to which I can transfer my files, and which, hopefully, is not too expensive and will be supported for a few more years?

David Millar, by email


Future compatibility is impossible to predict but time is definitely running out for MS Money, which was shelved in 2009. Have a look at its replacement, Money Plus Sunset Deluxe. This runs on Windows XP onwards, and it should still work with Windows 10, due out next year, but after that is anyone’s guess... MPSD is free from Microsoft (, and it looks like, and has most of the features of MS Money, including support for UK currency. In fact the only major omissions are the online options for downloading statements, updating investments and stock prices, paying bills and so on. If you can live without the Internet features then it should be fine for personal finance and basic small business applications but if you need something more sophisticated or have any special requirements you will have to do some homework, and be prepared to pay for commercial software; you will find plenty of suggestions if you Google ‘MS Money Alternatives’.


iPhoto Irritant

I have produced iPhoto Journals of holidays taken over a number of years, twelve in total. They are complete with titles, maps and notes detailing the places shown in the photos. I have just updated my iPad Air with iOS 8 and learnt that these journals are no longer supported by the new operating system. There was no warning given when I was invited to update. Is there any way back to iOS 7?

Jeff Burgess, by email


This is all part of Apple’s on-going plan to discontinue iPhoto and Aperture on OS X and replace them with Photos. This was mentioned, almost in passing, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference back in June but it will have gone unnoticed by most iOS and OS X users and is yet another iOS 8 annoyance to add to the list. Unfortunately there is no way of reverting to IOS 7 so the only thing you can do is follow the prompt and migrate your iPhoto files to Photos. Your images will appear in the Photos library, if they are not there already, and any changes that you made in iPhoto are retained. However, will not be able to make further adjustments but you can undo previous edits. Journal, Book and Slideshow layouts and text will be lost and the images they contain will be converted into regular Albums; tags and captions will not be displayed either but they can still be used in keyword and title searches. 


i.Link Disconnected

I have a Sony digital video camera and used to download recordings via a Sony recommended i.Link cable to my desktop computer, which was fitted with an adaptor card. I now have a laptop, with no i.Link connector. How I can copy recordings from the camcorder to my new computer?

Alan Hadwen, by email


i.Link is Sony’s name for the FireWire or IEEE 1394 high-speed serial bus. There is no way of making a direct connection without a FireWire socket on the laptop, and do not waste money on USB to FireWire cables or adaptors, they do not work for video data. If you still have your desktop PC you could download and transfer your video files from the old PC to the new one, using a USB Flash drive or an external hard drive. The other option is a converter module and the best of the bunch was the Pinnacle Studio MovieBox. Unfortunately they are no longer being made but they can still be found on ebay and Amazon however, be prepared to pay £100 or more for one.



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