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FaceTime Faceoff

I have an Apple iPad and I used to be able to see and speak to my granddaughter on FaceTime. For some reason it has stopped working and I can only see myself on the iPad. What has gone wrong and how can I rectify it?

Cecil.Lobo, by email


Facetime ran into problems a few weeks ago with an expired device certificate, which basically meant that would not work on iPads that have not been updated and running iOS version 6 or earlier. So far the only solution is to upgrade to the latest version (Settings > Software Update). By now most users have already done so but for a significant minority this can be a problem. Under the new iOS some apps may no longer work on older iPads, it can have a marked impact on battery life and the new software can make them sluggish. It is also bad news for iPad owners who have Jailbroken or hacked their devices. This lets them install apps from sources other than iTunes but the update removes the hack and the unofficial apps disappear. If you are using iOS 7 then have a look at the troubleshooting suggestions on the Apple support website at:


Noticeable Nokia

I have an Amplicomms PowerTel M3000 mobile phone, specifically made for people like me, who are hard of hearing. In terms of volume and clarity it is very satisfactory but it is limited to calls and text messaging. I was recently given a Nokia Lumia smart phone. Somewhat to my surprise the call volume and clarity is as good as the Amplicomms but the problem is that I cannot hear the ring-tone even though it is set at the highest level. The vibration feature is not really useful because like most women I do not have big pockets and keep my phone in my handbag. Is there any way of increasing the volume beyond what is available on the handset? Or should I stick to my Amplicomms?

Angela Field, by email


You cannot increase the phones ringer volume but you may find that changing to a more raucous ring tone will get your attention. Try all of the available ones on the phone and if they are no better then why not create your own? This can be tailored to your particular hearing impediment and you can tweak the loudness, accentuate particular frequencies or fiddle with the speed, which can all help to make it more noticeable. Making your own ring tone is not as difficult as you might think, all you need is a PC, and some free software; there is an easy to follow guide on the NokNok website at:



Sleepy Wi-Fi

I recently bought a new Windows 8 laptop, which goes into Sleep mode when the lid is closed. The problem is that it loses its Wi-Fi link with the router when it is woken up and the only way I have found to re-establish this link is to restart the laptop. This happens probably 3 or 4 times out of 5 and is becoming tedious. My mobile phone can connect to the router at this time and so there is no problem with the router.

Peter Buck, by email


This is a fairly common problem and it can usually be fixed. Unfortunately there are several possible causes and no simple one-step solution but here are a few things to try. Open the System dialogue box by pressing Winkey + Break then click on Device Manager. Double click Network Adaptors and right click on your PC’s wireless adaptor. Select Properties then the Power Management tab and uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off…’. Click OK, reboot and try Sleep mode. If that doesn’t work repeat the above, up to right-clicking on your wireless adaptor but this time select Update Driver Software and follow the prompts. Still no luck? Reboot the computer and launch the BIOS program. This involves pressing key immediately after switch on; there should be a message to that effect on the first startup screen, and it should also be in the user’s manual. The content of the BIOS program varies from one make to another but look for a Power menu and see if there are any options for the wireless adaptor. These can be confusingly worded so toggle between the settings and reboot to see if they have any effect. Do not forget to change it back if it has no effect.




I have been dragged up-to-date (screaming) and now have Windows 7, but it appears that HP provides no driver for my HP LaserJet 1010, which worked like a dream with XP. I am loath to give up on the printer as it still works like a charm, has not been any problem since day one. I have also just put in an expensive new toner cartridge. Do you know if there is any workaround to make it work with Windows 7?

Mary Smith, by email


Normally I would say no and when a manufacturer decides that it is not worth its while to develop an updated Windows driver for what it considers to be an obsolete product there is little or nothing that you can do about it, but you might be in luck! Several users report that it can be persuaded to work under W7 using another HP driver, so try the following procedure. Connect and power up the printer then go to Start > Devices and Printers  > Add a Printer > Add a local printer. Make sure ‘Select an existing port’ is checked, click the drop-down menu and choose Port DOT4_001 then Next. Click the Windows Update button and when prompted select HP LaserJet PCL5 from the list that appears (some users also report that the LaserJet 1150 driver also works). Click Next and in the next box change the printer name to HP LaserJet 1010. Click Next and hopefully a working driver will be installed.


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