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Ask Rick Maybury 2013

238 Colourful E-Books, Pop-Up Puzzler, Pocket Hotspot, Router Lockout

239 Web Free Windows, Skype oin Chromebook, Where's my Wi-Fi?

240 PCless iPad. Phoney Calls, Print Screen Doesn't, Flashing Shield

241 Pong Revisited, Writing on an iPad, Recovery Position, Neighbourly Advice

242 All At Sea With iPhone, Unmountable Error, Controlled Study, Stubborn Stick

243 Twain Crash, Instant TV on a USB Stick, Temporary email, Not So Smart TV

244 Virgin Email on iPad, Disable Auto Arrange, The Word on Android

245 Less of the Other, Drive Crash Course, Last Rites For Laptops, Free Protection

246 Update Misery, Inaudible Audiobooks, Psion Of The Times, Engineering Privacy

247 Heart of the Problem, Virtually W8, Kindle Won't Play, Making Light of email

248 Avoid The App Trap, Colour Blind Printer, Mac Book On TV, Photo Protection

249 Creepy Congratulations, Sky No-Go iPad, Baffling Bytes, Printing on a Pad

250 Camera Quality Control, Navigating Amazon, Phoney Crackdown

251 Backup Blues, Monitoring the Pi, Tedious Timestamps, CD Protection Racket

252 Lost for Words, Senile SatNav, Photos Printing in W7 & 8, Lost Spam

253 Public Wi-Fi Worries, Folder Printing Trick, IPod Battery Blues,  Roof With A View

254 Wire-Free Wireless, Going Off Script iPhones Wi-Fi Woes, iPad Email Mystery

255 Windows  Mail for W7/8, Cardless iTunes, Smart Memory Jogger, Apple X-Factor

256 Camcorder Crash, Router Loophole, Free and Easy Android Mail, Longer Optical

257 Taking The Tablets, , Gmail Grumble, Pushy Paint, Less  Power To Your Laptop

258 Fishy Business, Power Savings, Cats and Keyboards, Digital Hybrid

259 Safer iPad, Solar Puzzle, Lost Contacts, PDF Printouts

260 IMAP Explained, Power Crazy, 4G, LTaking Out The iTrash, Wav-ering Support

261 Galaxy Quest, Pass The Password, Google Earth Gremlin, Broadband Logjam

262 GPS Walkabout, Waiting For Word, Passord Pests, , Missing Favourites,

263 Psion Replacement, Defend Yourself, Weak Wi-Fi, Ditch The Date

264 Cloudy Outlook, Kindle Cop-Out,  Orange POP, Tackling Trackers

265 Cellphone Coldspot, Talking TV,  Paperwhite Power,  Sizing Up Windows

266 Old Games  New PC. Hear's To The Loop, Tape Conversion, Goodbye Google

267 Lost Pictures Word, Excel Triangle, Account Transfer, The Bitter End (Task)

268 TV Hotel Mode, AVG Trial and Error, Classical Conundrum, Safety PINs

269 Ring Around, RAW Deal for JPEGS, Root Cause for S4

270 Starting With A Smartphone. Print Lumia Contacts, Missing iPad Messages

271 Wi-Fi In The Sky,  Outlook Uncertain, Galaxy Request, Petulant Printer

272 MKV on iPad, Auto Update Off, Suspect Superkeys, Adobe Conversion

273 Highs & Low of GPS, Fawlty GPS, Delta Takeover, Chromebook HDMI

274 Flawed Firefox?, Words in Photos,  Charger Confusion, Green Light for HP

275 Scrabble Game Changes,, XP Exit, Canon Card Conundrum, Snap To It

276 Downloading YouTube, Boy's Noise Annoys, Tick For Excel, Pump The Playlist

277 Office Language, Dispose of Delta, Savings Advice, Breaking The Barcode

278 Mobile Stateside, Googling Home, Wi-Fi Off The Rails,  Excel Off Colour

279 iPhone The Big Picture, Spooky Google, Skype Language Switch, Data Dump

280 Galaxy Space Saver, Free Antivirus Advice, Lost Spam, Shrinking Snaps for Email

281 Cryptolocker  Prevention, Making Faces, Chrome Triangle, Bin Blocker

282 Image Problem,  Office Starter Stopped, Steam Driven Windows,  Forgetful Folders

283 Fingerprint Fumble, Smell A Rat, Making Tracks, Stopping Skype

284 WPA Hacking, Dust Trap, iPhone Lines, Moving Picasa

285 Hudl Muddle, Seasonal Shortcut, The Charge Against iOS7,  Window On PhotoShop

286 Intermittent Inkjet, Congested Router , Mystery >PERS Message, Tablet Maps

287 Freeview  Mix, Pasting From Web Pages, Thermostat Hot-Spot, Windows Wind-Back

288 iPhone Issues, SD Card Locked, Police Virus Warning, Poor Reception

289 Advice Worth Repeating, Friendly Face-Off, Broadband Booster



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