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Moving Messages

I recently replaced my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy 3. Do you know any way to save my text conversations to a PC, or even better, onto the new phone?

John Sexton, by email


It's a bit of a palaver but there are a number of paid-for apps and utilities that claim to be able to do the job, however, the ones that purport to do it in one go tend to get mixed reviews so I would tackle the job in two stages. First export the messages from the iPhone to your computer using SMS to PC Transfer (, DiskAid 5 ( or BackupTrans (, to name just a few. Most of them have free trial versions on offer so you can try before you buy. These extract the text messages from the iPhone and store them on the PC as csv (comma separated value) or plain text files. To move the messages to the Galaxy phone there’s a Windows program called VeryAndroid (, or an Android apps, such as SMS To Text (, which imports csv and text files from an SD card.


Those of a nervous disposition look away now because the simplest option is to Jailbreak your iPhone with GreenPoison or RedSnow, which gives a PC or Mac full access to all of the files stored on the device. It’s a quick and simple job, with minimal risk but you will void the warranty. You will also need to ‘root’ the Galaxy 3, which is the Android equivalent of Jailbreaking, and lets you copy and paste files directly from the computer to the phone. You’ll find plenty of tutorials for rooting the Galaxy S3 on sites like Cnet (



Wildfire Damp Squib

I recently bought a HTC Wildfire smart phone only to find that I am unable to use Flash Player. Having contacted Customer Care they say that there is nothing that they can do and it's an HTC problem and vice versa. The App site, says it is not compatible with my phone. Have you any suggestions as to how I can download and run the right software?

Guy Williams, by email


It has nothing to do with the phone’s Android operating system. It’s a hardware issue and the ARM 11 CPU chip used by the Wildfire doesn’t meet Flash Player’s minimum performance requirements for showing animations and video. If you don’t fancy upgrading your phone try Dolphin Browser, which has a Flash Player built in, or Skyfire. This is another browser that processes media content remotely, converting it into a form that can be displayed on your phone. Both are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (



Taking Out The Trash

At the moment I have 700 plus emails in the Trash on my iPad2. Is it possible to mass-delete them without having to click every box? At the moment I delete them from my Inbox, they go to the Trash and I have to go through the process again.

George Teasdale, by email


You can easily empty the Trash in one go, just open Mail, select your account then the Trash folder in the Accounts section. Tap the Edit button at the top and press Delete All. To save you the bother of doing it again go to Settings on the home screen, select Mail Contacts Calendars then your account and touch the Advanced button. Under Deleted Messages select Remove and choose an appropriate timeframe for automatic deletion (i.e. One Day, One Week or One Month).



At Your Service

Our newly modernised Church has a high quality sound and recording system. We produce CD’s of the Sunday Service for those who are absent. I would like to produce DVDs and assume that we would need a video camera to computer and link the sound to this and produce DVD? One ideal stage further would be to place a link or some way on our web site so that absent members could view this recording but do not know how. The ideal would also be to stream live but from enquiries made this appears to be one step too far without very expensive kit.

David Lamb, by email


The simplest way to make your videos available to the widest possible audience is to upload them to YouTube and it’s free. It’s very easy to do and all you need is a digital camcorder or a digicam with movie options, preferably one that records in .avi format (or mpeg4, .FLV, .mov, .wmv etc.), on an SD memory card. Export or copy the movie file to your PC, where you can edit out the wonky bits and burn it to disc using one of the many DVD authoring packages from the likes of Pinnacle or Ulead, or upload it to YouTube. Just create an account and follow the instructions. Once the video is live you can place a link to it on your website. Live streaming isn’t difficult either, and most low-cost (circa £30 - £50.00) Network or IP cameras have built-in web-servers that allow anyone to view the cameras live video (and usually audio as well) simply by logging on to a web address on their browser. Users may have to download a small plugin in order to display the images and it’s not a problem on a PC or Mac, however some other devices (iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets) may not be supported.



Group Practice

What is the most straightforward way to organise my desktop icons? I just want to separate groups of similar programs into sections or preferably boxes and give each a group name, e.g. Security Backup Group.

Dave Hawke, by email


It’s really easy, just right-click onto an empty area of the desktop and select New > Folder. Give it a name then drag and drop the icons you want to include onto the new folder icon. If you want to make it a little more visually interesting right-click on the folder icon, select Properties then Change icon.




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