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Ask Rick Maybury 2012


186 Neater Wi-Fi Meter, Uncool Laptop, Big Band CD

187 Customising Kindle, iPad Printing, Netbook Hotspot, Warning Noise

188 iPad Ignoring Pictures, DVD it's a Rip, System Restore Fails

189 Firewall for Android, Subtitle ecording, Lithium Ion Life, Personal emails

190 One Remote To Control Them All, Dark Printing, Google Desktop Replacement

191 Recovering Old Phone Messages, Publishing on Amazon, Busy Drive

192 Danish Characters, iPlayer to Disc, Open Alternative, Fear of Failure

193 Ad Blocking, Recycling Routers, Monitor Malaise, Larger Laptops

194 Kindle Special, Contrast, PC Connection, Sleep Mode

195 Temporary Hotspot, Banning Games,, No Connection for Nokia

196 Recordign SKY on a Stick, DVD Dilemmas, 3G Options, Safari Stuttering

197 Cleaning Solution, Taming a Mouse, The Power of Radio, Export Embarg

198 Smart TV  no Flash, QR Codes for Windows, Email Receipts

199 Part Time SatNav, iPlayer Streaming, KVM on Wireless, Bluetooth Bother

200 Pop Up Puzzle, RAW Recruits, Canadian Power, Credit Card Conundrum

201 Black Screen Surprise, VHS to DVD, Cheapo HDMI Cables, Split Disc

202 iPhone Language, Cut Price Paper, Remote Access, Dual Broadband?

203 Wi-Fi Cottage Industry, Quick Address, Wireless Freedoms, Flat Sound

204 LCD Viewing Angles, Word on Top Form, iPad Slow  Lane, 3G Obsolete?

205 Printing from iPod Touch, Going Loco on a Mac, Going Walkabout with GPS

206 iPad Roaming, Android Backup, Radio 4 Farewell, Video Stills

207 No Sub Sky +, Jumpy iPlayer, Mobile Lottery, Radio Off The Rails

208 Rural Readings, iPad Storage, Printer Cleanup, Visual Aids

209 VOB on iPad, Printing Google Earth, Preditable Results, ebay descriptions

210 iPad Cursor, Space Saver, Word Readability, Antisocial Networking

211. Where's my WiFi Password, Safe to Sleep, HD Hool-up

212 A Matter Of Time, PC vs TV, Virtual Tour, Protecting CDs

213 Kindle Kaput, Skype Keypad, Larger Live Mail, Missing e-books

214 Floppy VGA Sockets, Visible Ink, Life WIthout Passwords

215 Buy Before You Fly, Order Of The Boot, Build A PC

216 Abusive emails, Word on iPad, Activation Nuiscance,, Skype Savings?

217 Moving Messages iPhone to Android, Flashy Wildfire, iPad Trash

218 iPad On Charge, GPS Cycle Track, No Way Back with W8, Smart TV Go Slow

219 Nexus Won't Play, Goodbye iGoogle, No Sign, Power In The Field

220 iPad Memory, Office on new  PC, Projection Costs, Office Password Breaker

221 Photos  to Tablet, iPad Connectivity, Raspberry Virus, Risk,  Kodak Disc Trasnfer

222. Briefcase Synching, Order Photos on iPad, License Limits,, Second Opinion

223 Android Webcam, Windows Satnav, Chrome Lacks Polish, Sleepy Samsung

224 Broadband Sharing, Scanning the Ancestors, Problematic Printer, Nexus Macros

225 Frozen Kinfle, MiniDisc Alternative, Word to PDF, Smart Holiday Accessory

226 Virgin Favourites, Solar Snapper, DAB Noise Annoys, Removal Business

227 Overseas @ symbols, Flash Apple, Serial GPS, SKY Multiple Email

228 Apple Fool Bug, Lost Pictures,. Nexus 7 Dongle, Motorised MP3

229 Upside Down iPhone, Picture Order Android, Universal Charger?

230 Kindle Connections, Missing Messages, Tablet 3G, Cracked iPod

231 Conflicting IP Advice, Fire on TV, Pulsing Excel, Group Therapy

232 Starting w ith Windows 8, FAT32 Backup, Bank Password Security

233 Mac To School, Spanish SKY, Projecting PowerPoint, Kodak Flashback

234 Slow Bus on on the Superhighway, Ragional Conflicts,, Mystery Scroll

235 Fake Flash, Insert Outrage, Remote Worries,, Pointless Port

236 The Value of Pi, Spaced Out Netbook, DVD Dilemma, Anti Spam For Android

237 Recording Contract, Linkedin Spam, Safely Remove and Eject, Green Screen



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