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Ask Rick & Houston We Have a Problem 2011


135 Annotating pdfs, weak Wi-Fi, DAB to Disc, APS to CD

136 Plotting Postcodes, Virtual Windows Size, Repair or Recycle?

137 Wider Wi-Fi, Senior Surfing, Battery Warning, Slower YouTube

138 Mobile Movies, Side by Side Word, Wireless Caps Lock

139 Wi-Fi Speed Trap, Sleepy Windows, HDD to DVD

140 Cheap Android Tablets, Watermarking, Updating to DAB

141 Conspicious Consumption, Reveal email passwords, PC to TV

142 Vista Clock, Wireless Printer Problems, Sony Thin Red Line

143 Multipage scan, Awkward DVD, Dead DVD Drive, Mobile Storage

144 MACs and Mice, Sharing TV Sound,  HP Space, Battery Life

145 Kindle Abroad, Digital Switchover, Word Preview, DVD Mystery

146 Email Blockage, Lost in Translation, Keyboard String Shortcut

147 Ink Overflow,  Pictures in Picasa, Deaf Desktop, Sound on Skype

148 Reviving Batteries, AVG Virus Vault, Vision AIds, Wonky Wireless

149 Banning Bing, Sky's The Limit,  Sluggish Tablet, Gmail Go Slow

150 Taming Test Messages, Plug in Wi Fi,  Chrome Conundrum

151 Laptop Larceny, Destroying Discs, Arrows in Emails

152 Not my Email, Presenting iPad, Cost Projections

153 Basically Windows 7, Desire Battery Life, Mangled Flash Memory

154 iPad Cost Cutter, Word Log, ebook Browser, Virgin + USB

155 Remote Surveillance, Dropout Dilemma, Laptops Sunny Side Up

156 Picasa Faces, Slow CD, Help with Print Size, Cartridge Choice

157 NFC vs Bluetooth, Safer Banking, No Market for Android

158 RIP Amstrad em@iler, Random Word, Saving Attachments

159 Copying Banknotes, Fake Windows,  Thin Projector

160 Reall Random? Swiped by Skype, Wide-Open Wireless

161 Staying Connected on Holiday, Hotel Wi-Fi, Surfing at Sea

162 International Emailing on the Kindle 3G, Converting .vro files

163 Sky + Transfer, Openzone Hijack, Gmail POP, Psion of the Times

164 Roaming in Venezuela, Recycling Routers, BBC on HTC

165 Collaborating in the Cloud, iPhone vs Firefox, FireWire Foibles

166 Credit Card Swiped?, Wandering Icons, Red Hot TV

167 Hackers -- How do they do it?,IE Upgrade, Frozen Sony e-book

168 Dangerous Locks?, USB Charging, Correcting Google Maps

169 Tethering a Blackberry, Sharing Kindle Books, Long Life Laptop

170 Card Swap, Train Booking Bother, New Kindle Coming?

171 Laptops for Uni, Banking on iPod, MAC Code Delay

172 Android Anti Virus, Troublesome Virgin, Website Spy

173 Cold Call Scam Revisited, Word Virus Request, Dead DVR Drive

174 Obsolete Floppies, Radioactive TVs, Missing iPhone emails

175 Speech Impediment, Protect Your PINS, Holiday emails

176 Works not Word, Virtual Keyboards, Touch Screen Upgrade

177 Converting to Kindle, Router Hacking, Computer Cat

178 USB Charging, Dongle Danger, Interfering Neighbours

179 Surviving Power Cuts, Russian Adventure, Missing Padlock

180 Chinese Web Cheats, T-Shits & Word, The 64-bit Question

181 Doublespace OpenOffice, Mass Name Change, Broken Booster

182 Remote Interaction, Broken Browser, Free Health Check?

183 Dodgy Dongle, Dirty Discs, HD Dropout, Web Page Audio

184 Going Digital with VHS, iPhone Spam, Ebay Advantage?

185 Freeview Failure, ebay Advantage, Clip Conversion, Holiday Scam



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