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Ask Rick & Houston We Have a Problem 2010


085 Laptop Charging Problems, Slow Boroadband Hard Drive Hog

086 8mm Video to DVD, Safely open emails, Waiting for e-books

087 Vista Updates, Camera Life Expectancy, Media Player Problems

088 Dongle Downloads, Too White Word, Re-Routing Router

089 Vinyl to CD, Trekking With a Digicam, Where's The Tellyputers?

090 PC to HDTV, Word Substitute, Interfering Neighbours on DAB

091 Anonymous Surfing, Email on Windows 7, Printing Tickets

092 BT Accellerator, Wi-Fi Lockout, email Spellcheck

093 Vista Wake Up Call, Fiendish Facebook, Shrinking Video Clips

094 Printer Icon in Red, VHS Transfer Woes, Signatures in Windows 7

095 Suspicious Spam Filter, Protecting Windows 7, 8mm to DVD

096 Logging on at the Library, Line Drawing, Locked Documents

097 Wonky Windows Installer, Wireless Printing, Floppy Copy

098 Surfing in Turkey, iPod TOuch Security, Recovery Problems

099 Picasa Face-Off, Hotmail to Hard DIsc, Movie Maker Aspect Ratio

100 Extending Wi-Fi, Remove Shortcut Icon Title, Email Shortcut

101 Flip Video to PC, Casstee Bookmark, Skip Windows 7 Password

102 Left Leanings, Toddler proof PC, Dead Scanner, PowerPoint Dogs

103 Leaving Facebook, DIgital TV Update, W7 Partitions, Flash Trouble

104 SatNav Update, Video Transfer, Coloured Folders, Bank Statements

105 Deleting History, Moving to the US, Child Protection

106 iPlayer Overseas? Laptop Lines, Pointer Shortcut, Inkjet Advice

107 iPhone Printing, Startup Errors, Big Screen Skype, FreeView Subtitles

108 Lost Photos on CD, Unwanted Browser Choice, DVD Longevity

109 Space for Apps, Pricey Printer, Arrow Removal, Radio Recording

110. Left Handed Mouse, Music Show, Move Skype, Save Google Earth

111 Blogging in the bush, Laptop Manual, Tracking Devices

112 Vintage Valuation, Padlock Puzzle, A Date with Islam

113 Wireless Keyboard Locks, No More Blue Word, Time Lapse

114 Wi-Fi Hacking. Slingbox, LCD Screenburn, IE Highlights

115 Faulty Flash, iPod up a Ladder, Sun Screen, Double Word

116 Get Rid of Messenger, Loss of Memory, Acute Accents, Sky + Record?

117 Freeview HD, Time for an Upgrade, Camcoder Shakes

118 Xbox to PC, Obsolete Passwords, iTouch Network Problems

119 Netbook to Printer, No Sound, Creating a Custom Map, JVC Formats

120 Digibox EPG Failure, Clip Conversion,  Olde Tyme Office

121 Tiny Task Manager, Cold Call Scam, Open Office Closed

122 Prolonging Battery Life, Creating PDFs, Buying Laptops in the US

123 Starting with Office, Future Reminder, Conductor Mouse Scheme

124 Virgin Delay, Transferring iPod, Photo Mystery, Satellite Sharing

125 Extending Macbook Range, iPlayer Takeover, Lack of Mac Instructions

126 Hardware Analyser, Canadian DVDs, Uncertain Outlook, Split Word

127 Drive Splitting, File Ordering, Lost W-Fi password, On the Money

128 Update Error, Lost iPhone Pictures, Free Antivirus Protection

129 DIY Karaoke, Mac Viruses, Printing Text Messages, Form Filling

130 Can't Count on Word, Where's WordPad, Facebook Stack Trouble

131 Mailing Movies, VHS Protection Racket, Windows 7 SSL

132 Banner Text in Word, Eliminating Spam, AVCHD Converter

133 Shutdown Problems, Broadband Zaps Scvales, Awkward Apple

134 Avoid Event Viewer, Laptop or Desktop, Dangle your Dongle


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