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Locked Out Of LuLu

I am a computer illiterate, having spent the last 70 years trying to avoid new technology. Last year I invested in a Windows Vista Home Premium PC and I can manage emails, Google and documents but real computer work eludes me. In 2008/09 I published three books through the good services of Lulu.com and was completely happy. Now I cannot get back in to the website to check my account and to prepare for my next book.  I have entered my email address and the correct Password, but I am rejected.  There seems to be no facility to contact the site except through the automated password check.  I am sure I am doing something wrong. This is a new problem and I was able to access my account up until a few months ago.

Peter J Smith, by email


So many things can go wrong that it is difficult to be specific with problems like this. It's also hard to say whether the fault is at your end, or theirs, so here are a few things you can try. First, if you are able to access the site but it is rejecting your logon, triple check that the password you are using is correct. I know it sounds obvious but our memories are fallible; I've lost count of the number of times I get commonly used passwords mixed up (and before anyone writes in to berate me, I only use them for non-sensitive website access). If you were sent a confirmation email when you opened the account check back with that. Check the login page for clues or a more detailed reason for the failure. You may have overlooked a message saying that you need to enable cookies or change your browser's security settings.


See if you can access the site through another browser, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are the most popular alternatives, they are all free and do not interfere with Internet Explorer, which you can continue to use. You'll find links to all three here: http://tinyurl.com/n5mhpy. Contact the website through the Help or Support sections. If that doesn't work because it requires a login have a look at the Press or Media pages, where you will often find a phone number or email address of someone you can pester to point you in the right direction and failing that use a generic email address like support@lulu.com



The Numbers Game

In Page Numbers on the Insert menu in Word I always want the number on the right of top of page with none on the first page. I have to make this change every time I produce a multi page document.  Is there a way to have such a numbering pattern imposed automatically all the time?

Franco Cavallini, by email


You can do this by setting your preferences in the Page Numbering dialogue boxes then saving them as a new Document Template (Normal.dot) see this MS Help article for more information: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HP011210281033.aspx


Windows Mail Glitch

I have encountered a problem with opening attachments over the last month or so on my Windows Vista Home PC. Now they have to be saved first before they can be seen.  This is annoying and time wasting - can you please help?

John Naylor. By email


My guess is you've recently installed Internet Explorer 8 but it's difficult to say if this is a bug or a well-hidden security feature because it hasn't affected all systems. Either way it is inadvisable to open attachments directly from emails. It's much safer to save them to your hard drive where they can be scanned by your anti-virus software and security programs.


It could also be due to a recently installed security program, or update, or Windows Defender, so here's a few things to try, though my advice would be to leave well alone and only override this setting if you are absolutely sure that the attachments you receive are always safe to open.


In Windows Mail go to Tools > Options > Security and uncheck  'Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened' and ''Block Image and other external content in HTML email'. If the problem persists try temporarily disabling your security programs to see which one is responsible. If all else fails try uninstalling IE8, which should restore IE7, or switch to Windows Live Mail (http://tinyurl.com/5gnfxo)



Lighten Up on First Aid

I'm a First Aid trainer and go out on the road to train groups of volunteers. I have a large amount of equipment to take with me, which I am trying to reduce. I currently take a laptop and a projector as I use a PowerPoint presentation. There are some very small projectors around but I don't think they'll be bright enough. Do you have any other options and do I need a laptop, as all I use it for is PowerPoint?

Steve Roy, by email


I think you are referring to tiny pocketsize or 'pico' projectors and no, they are not very bright and not really suitable for group presentations, unless it is for a small group of friendly people in a very dark room...


There are plenty of compact video projectors on the market, with A4 and A5 sized footprints and upwards of  2000 lumens light output, which will throw up a decent image on a 60 to 120 inch screen, depending on the ambient lighting. These models are light and portable and designed specifically for mobile presentations but shop around, prices and features vary enormously. You can certainly downsize your laptop. A netbook PC, with a 9 or 10-inch screen will do the job admirably. Most models come with Windows XP or Vista, so there's no problem running PowerPoint. Otherwise they are supplied with a Linux-based operating system and this is usually bundled with OpenOffice.org, which includes a PowerPoint compatible presentation program called Impress.



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