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Opening Attachments

When I receive .jpg attachments in Outlook Express mail, using Windows XP, they are already opened in the text of the message, usually too large to view. If I attempt to open the attachment it refuses, warning that there is no program associated available to open it, how can I cure this?

Tony Netherton, by email


You can stop images from appearing in the body of a received email by going to Tools > Options, select the Read tab and check the item 'Read all emails in plain text'.


You should be able to open a jpeg attachment by double-clicking on it but the proper way to do it is to save the file to a folder on your hard drive. To do that simply right-click on the attachment icon, select SaveAs and save it a folder of your choosing or accept the default, which will normally be My Pictures.


To make sure that jpg/jpeg image files are properly ‘associated’ with your image editing or viewing program open Windows Explorer and go to Tools > Folder Options > File Types, scroll down the list to jpg and jpeg, click the Change button and select your preferred program from the list and click OK.



Run or Save?

I had the message from AVG that 8.5 update to the free security software was available and thought I had downloaded and installed it, but I must be honest and confess I don't understand when or why one should click 'Save' or 'Run' etc with these downloads. So I click arbitrarily, as taught by teenagers I ask, but I haven't been lucky this time and it hasn't installed. Could you run through what I should be clicking?

A.Vines, by email


When downloading software from the Internet it is usually best to click the Save option. This instructs your PC to download the entire file and save it to your hard disk drive. If you’re not sure of it’s provenance it can be quarantined and checked for viruses. You can then install the program in exactly the same way as if it were on a CD.


When you click Run, you are allowing the program to begin the installation process straight away, as it is being downloaded. There are a number of problems with this method. First, if the download contains a virus or malware there may be no way of stopping it from being installed, and you probably won’t even know it has happened. Second, if you have a slow Internet connection or the program is very large the installation may proceed in fits and starts as the flow of data cannot keep up with the installation process and this increases the likelihood of something going wrong. Third, if the download is interrupted the installation will fail and it may be difficult or impossible to get it to resume, depending how far along it is and clearing up the mess could take a while. 



Rejuvenating Ribbons

This is probably not in your area of expertise but I cannot find a supplier/manufacturer of the Amstrad Multistrike Ribbon Cassette tapes for PCW9512.  I have tried everything from following up Google links to contacting Amstrad repairers from the past, all of which have stopped having anything to do with Amstrad.

I just wonder if you have any ideas? 

Ann Spencer, by email


They’ve been out of production for some time but if anyone knows of a source I’ll happily pass it on. For what it is worth many, many years ago, long before word processors and printers, typewriters had fabric ribbons and when the type became faint, and you didn’t have a replacement ribbon to hand, you could get a few more days/weeks use out of one by dabbing the spooled ribbon with a few drops of refill ink meant for rubber stamp pads, though I’m not sure you can even get that anymore…



Fonts of Wisdom

Using my Microsoft Office 2000 I do not have the Font " Broadway" and need this to produce some documents in this font for our Village Hall Posters. I tried downloading it from a free website into the documents folder on my C: drive. However I don't know where to go to get it into my permanent list of Fonts to be able to use it all the time on these special documents (normally done in Microsoft Word)

Peter Phillips, by email


If the font file has a ‘.zip’ extension that means it has been compressed, so the first thing you have to do is unzip it by double clicking on the file icon, select Extract all files and click OK. Now you have to Install the font so go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts then go to File > Install New Font. Use the Browse button to locate your recently downloaded or newly extracted font file, highlight it and click OK, and that’s all there is to it. After a reboot it will show up in all applications that have a font selection option.



Forwarding Photos

For some time now my XP Home PC fails to forward pictures contained in the emails I have received; I am sure it did so about a year ago. In the forwarded message the picture is replaced by an outline with a red X in the top left corner. Any advice on what has gone wrong?

James Mason, by email


You should be able fix this by going to Tools > Options and on the Send tab, under Mail Sending Format, make sure HTML is selected, then click the HTML Settings button. A new box appears, check the item ‘Send Pictures with messages’; keep clicking OK to exit the boxes. This is a global setting and will apply to all emails, if you only want to do it for a single message, in the Forward or Reply message window go to the Format menu and click the last item on the list ‘ Send Pictures with Message’. 



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