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Freshly archived from my weekly columns in the Saturday edition of The Daily Telegraph'

* Some editions of 'Houston we have a Problem', published in the Saturday edition of The Daily Telegraph are derived from two editions of Ask Rick


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Ask Rick & Houston We Have a Problem 09


012/111 Office Trial, Moving MiniDisc

013 Slow DVD, Browser Mistakes, Sluggish Sony

014/113 Evil Rootkits, Missing CD Burn Task

015/112 Group Emails, Word Defaults

016 Fileerror 22001 Menace, PDF to Text

017/114 Virtual Memory, DVD-RW Longevity, Linux to the Rescue

018 AVG Update Stalled, Google Rankings, Windows 7

019/116 iPod Shuffle vs Windows, No Disk Error, Pricey Macs

020/115 Backing up OE, Newsgroups Spam, HD on Freeview

021 Movie Maker & Sound Effects, Printing email Photos

022 Voice Recognition, USB Drive Reliability

023 Multiple Messages in OE, Cheque Printing, USB to PS2

024/117 Browser Printing, PowerPoint Notes, XMP Tags in Vista

025/118* Blinking Modems, Jittery Java, Tracking Word Tangles

026/118* Pico Projectors, Health Hazards, Switching ISPs

027 Recording Webcams, apsGetReady Error, Excel Decimals

028/119 Klaxon for Dying Battery, Transferring Domain Names

029/120* iPod Charge Change, Stream XP to PS3

030/120* Mobile Broadband USA, Hi density RAM Scam

031 NAS Network Storage, Mouse kills Screensaver

032 Vista Language Packs, Picasa and Attachments

033 French OE, DVD to PC to TV, Defender 0x800106ba error

034/121 Broken Spellchecker, Sky+ Remote, Missing Open WIth

035 Sleeping Disorder, Cine to DVD, Mac Webcams

036/122 Disappearing Thumbnails, Reviving old Photos

037 Flac to mp3, OE Friends Rule, External Drive stops Boot

038/122 Wireless Pollution, MP2 to MP3, Synchronise Outlook Express

039/123 Mobile Broadband, Black and White PC on TV, Access Denied

040/123/124 Caption and Date in Picasa, Recording Skype, Vista Audio

041 Bonjour Service, Banking on Wireless, Fax no more

042 Windows on Macs, Com File Mystery, Windows Mail Problem

043/125 Word Print Bug, Searching a Site, Error Code 2131

044 Memory Card Malady, Mad Mouse, Extracting Addresses

045/126 Freeware Security, Dongle Go-Slow, Digital Line Detect Error

046/127 DVD-RAM Trouble, DVD to MP3, Count on Word

047/127 Annoying Attachments, Amstrad Ribbons, Installing Fonts

048 Printing in Picasa, Vista Network Glitch, mp3 Track Names

049/128/130 SD to USB to DVD, Grabbing Stills, Clearer Windows

050/128 Recording You Tube, Program F Keys, PC Answering Maching

051/131 Senior Skyper, Saving Ink, Garden Watch

052/129/130  Birdbox Webcam, Pesky Passwords, TV Licence Dodge

053 Rolling Back Vista, Mystery Each Symbol

054/131 Skype Usage, Silent iPlayer, Upgrading old PCs

057 Re-using Windows DIscs, MP3 Tags, Keeping Tabs on PC Users

058 Taming the Taskbar, Overheating Laptop, Unidentified USB

059 BlackBerry Modem, Duplicate Emails, Custom IE Annoyance

060 Forgetful DAB, Word Grid Gripe, Delete Addresses

061 Mobiles for the hard of hearing, ediring DVDs, What's RAR?

062 Redacting in Word, Lost images on Camera Card, Laptop Monitor

063 Arrested by Lightning, Opening Attachments, .mix in Word

064 FireWire Foibles, Uninstalling IE8, DAB Dongle?

065 Cordless Phone Limit, Second Class Email

066 WiFi Range Booster, Disable Animnated Ads PhotoShop Alternative

067 French Mobile Broadband, Change Registered Owner

068 Website Lockout, Page Numbers in Word, PowerPoint Projectors

069 Canon Printer Reset, Vista Fax, Boss of the Office

070 Adobe Illustrator Alternative, Clearting Mobile Data

071 Unlocking Mobiles, USB 1 or 2?, Banking on a Printer

072 Split Screen, Resizing Email Attachments, Bent USB Stick

073 Dongle Tangle, Windows Keyboard for MAC, Pop-Up Niggle

074 Sidekick Solution, Dusty Slides, Satnav Connection

075 PC to TV, Active X Threat, Monastic MP3s

Upgrading to Windows 7

077 Email Signatures, Firewire Foibles, iPlayer vs Picasa\

078 IE Slowed to a Crawl, Welsh Office, Copy Contacts

079 Browned Case Marks, DAB Difficulties, Missing Menus in Word

080 Dodgy DVD Drive, Text  Size in Emails, Windows 7 Upgrade

081 Archiving Emails, PDF Manuals, Recording Freesat

082 HD From Freesat, Valuable Manuals, Projecting PowerPoint

083 Screen Resolution, Logos in Word, Deleting emails

084 Disable Streamed Video, Compressing Files


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