Freshly archived from my weekly columns in the Saturday edition of The Daily Telegraph's Digital Life section (Review Supplement)


Houston We Have  a Problem... 08


064 Reading Works, Vista Slideshow

065 Travelling with a laptop, dish problem

066 Pictures in Word, Optimum RAM

067 Wandering Windows, stereo to mono

068 Recording Radio 4, Copious Copies

069 Owl webcam, email printing

070 Lost Recordings, Blue Background

071 Beat the Spooks, XP to Vista

072 Keyboard Sensitivity, Mis-aligned Mouse

073 BlackBerry Signature, Running Costs

074 Lost Word Password, Page Faults

075 Vanishing emails, Word Overtype

076 Email Receipts, Data Recovery

077 Throwaway Printer, Deleted emails

078 Word Spacing. hard drive privacy

079 OE Spam Rules, Pix for Posterity

080 Flash Drives, UK TV abroad

081 Photo Captions, Touchpad Sensitivity

082 Greetings from Picasa, Online Translations

083 Easier Accents, MonoRonaDona Pest

084 Envelope Defaults, Slow Attachments

085 Strange sounds, Label Printing

086 Single Click Shutdown AVG 8 Still Free?

087 Random Text,  AVG 8 Attachments, Voices

088 Upgrading Sound Recorder, Picasa Changes

089 Lost Picture Tasks, Save to Disk or Run

090 Picasa File Management, F Key  Mystery

091 POST message, What's my PC Doing?

092 Cat Spin Screen, Send To Fix

093 Recover Deleted Images, RAW File Format

094 Licensed to Watch TV, Broadband Speed

095 Louder Mobile Phone,  Copy Win 98 FIles

096 Dual Monitor Display, Firefox Favourites

097 Platte Pest, Keyboard Killer

098 Power Pointers, Disabling On-Board Audio

099 Booklet Printing, iTunes to Media Player

100 Noisy Notebook, Drawing Maps

101 Clip Conversion, Wi-Fi in Oz

102 Laptop Security, Rural Broadband

103 Dodgy Keyboard, Euro Symbol

104 Sepia Tints, Digicam Monitor

105 Echo on Skype, Because Symbol

106 Decaying JPEGs, Print Directory List

107 Mac Attachments, Vista Shutdown trouble

108 Collage Program, Firefox Content Error

109 Vista Snipping Tool, Windows media on Macs

110 Bernina Software, SMART Drives


Ask Rick 08

001 Wordpad Workaround, XP screensaver in Vista

002 File Transfer, Willful Wi-fi, XP Antivirus Scam

003 Hibernation Bug, Broadband Slowdown

004 DVD Screengrab, iPlayer to TV Hookup

005 Bernini Software, SMART Drive Warning

006 Recovering lost JPEGs, XP Remote Assistance

007 Scanner Problem, Sticky Norton

008 Hotspot Hackers, Pictures in Documents

009 Wav to MP3 converter, Vista Password Problem

010 Wireless Conflicts, photographing Text

011 Epson Service Scam, Vista Search Problems

012 Office Trial, Moving MiniDisc

013 Slow DVD, Browser Mistakes, Sluggish Sony



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