Freshly archived from my weekly columns in the Saturday edition of The Daily Telegraph's Digital Life section (Review Supplement)


Houston We Have  a Problem... 07


017 VHS to DVD, Motive Smartbridge

018 Turntable to PC, Costly Recovery

019 Tinyurls, Caps Lock Warning

020 MiniDisc to CD, Backing up OE

021 Dodgy DVDs,  Laptop Audio

022 Overheating PC, web page printing

023 Backing up Outlook iPod Batteries

024 Moving to new PC, failed Defender

025 Transferring images, MP3 Classics

026 Saving power, record Freeview

027 Word Error Message & Hyphenation

028 Multiple recipients, links in emails

029 Out of Office reply, Dental Camera

030 Hack Attack, Copyright, Red X emails

031 Fickle Freeview, Windows Licence

032 Picasa Limits, XP Slow Boot

033 Which MP3?, Digicam screens

034 Control Address Book, Dim Screen

035 Mobile Monitor, French Accents

036 Remote Monitor, Laptop Batteries

037 French iPods, Resizing Images

038 Norton & System Restore, xls files

039 E-Books, OE Compacting

040 Vista Firewall, 10,000 slides

041 Share Broadband Upgrading to Vista

042 Moving iTunes, dodgy USB

043 Wet broadband, Messenger Popupt

044 Word Fractions, Spam Alert

045 BBC iPlayer, Portuguese PC

046 Epson Ink, Internet Radio

047 Traveling laptop, weak SKY

048 Life without TV, Correcting Word

049 DIY Passport photos, mobile in Oz

050 Read only CD, change owner

051 Keyboard language, cancel emails

052 DAB Radio, need for speed

053 Free WPs, Sun Powered Camera

054 Wi-Fi & XBox, pictures in emails

055 LCD image Lag, Laughing PC

056 Digital Switchover Special

057 Widescreen monitor, lost emails

058 Low Virtual Memory, Vista Shutdown

059 Windows Mail Spellcheck, USB Vista

060 Extracting emails sudden shutdown

061 £sd converter, IE in Firefox

062 USB AutoPlay, LCD or CRT?

063 French Accents, Text to Speech


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