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FAQS! FACTS! FAX!  231 (28/09/00)



I have a problem with my browser (IE5), when starting my machine the default "home" setting is changed by some unknown means and in its place is the address of a site I visited called "GoHip".  It is most infuriating as this site has a vast amount of pop-up windows and it's not where I want to be! I can obviously change it by going to settings and reverting to my default each time, but I cannot find anyway of removing it for good.  Do you have any suggestions of how I may evict the offending site? 
D. Baker


This web site has angered great many people because it downloads a file called an Active X Control into visitor’s browsers. This automatically modifies settings and attaches a signature to emails. GoHip claim it is an ‘enhancement’ and point out that the changes are mentioned in the software agreement small print… The company has responded to widespread criticism by posting a removal utility on its web site at: http://www.gohip.com/remove





Perhaps John Battison (F!F!F! 14th September) was referring to Hoyle's "Solitaire and Mah-jongg" suitable for Windows and Mac published by Sierra Attractions? The web site address is:  www.sierra.com



I use one of the many versions on Moraffs shareware page at:

Richard Huxtable


Go to http://kyodai.com for an excellent, free, Mah Jongg game with lots of
different game options.

Peter Sinclair


If you want to get slightly more adventurous, the Linux operating system comes with a number of bundled games, including Mah Jongg.

Mark Tomlinson


I recommend Wiseowl Shareware who have several versions at: http://members.aol.com

Steve Chinn


Try MahJong 2000 from http://www.nr1webresource.

com/fas/ It's only a 523KB download and is well presented.

P. White


I found an excellent Mah Jongg game available for download at www.4windsmj.com 

Dominic Hooley


Well, we did ask… Many thanks to everyone who responded!



Trying to use Top Tip 3 in 'Boot Camp' 31st August called 'Tint Hint’. I have got my display in a mess. Is there a simple way to restore the default display settings of Windows 98?
Edgar J. Bloor


Yes, all you have to do is open Display Properties in Control Panel, select the Appearance tab and in the Scheme drop-down menu select Windows Standard.



At work our mail is handled by Groupwise and it is a simple task to play any .wav file when new mail arrives. At home I use Outlook express, is there a way to change the "ping" sound for new messages?
Barry Key

The facility to assign sounds to ‘events’ like incoming mail lives in the Windows Control Panel. Click on the Sounds icon and in the Events window scroll down to New Mail Notification, use the browse button below the Name field to nominate the ‘wav’ file of your choice, you can easily record your own using Windows Sound Recorder. The option to switch the mail notification sound on and off is in Outlook Express, (Tools > Options and select the General tab). 



My computer, which is less than a year old, has developed a strange habit. When I first turn it on a message appears saying "Fatal Error – Problems using the Ul skins. Please can you tell me if it really is fatal and what I can do to get rid of it?  It really is a bit scary.

Muriel Metson


This is another fairly common error message and it can cause alarm but it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s caused by corrupted or missing files associated with the Macromedia Shockwave player, a graphics utility for displaying interactive web content, included with most version of Windows and Internet browsers. The solution is to reinstall Shockwave; try downloading the latest version from the Macromedia web site at: http://www.macromedia.com/software/



We are off to the US in a few weeks time to get married. If I buy some SDRAM memory chips out there will it be usable in my computer, bearing in mind they use a different voltage in the US?
Jon Weston


Voltage is not an issue since the power supplies in PCs and laptops convert local mains to low voltage DC, so the memory modules us in American PCs are identical to the ones we use. However, there are dozens of types of memory chips with many subtle differences and it’s very easy to end up with the wrong sort, unless you know precisely what you are doing. In any case the price difference between Britain and the US is not that great and would be more than offset by the cost of returning them if they proved to be incorrect, or faulty. Congratulations on the forthcoming nuptials by the way.



I'm in charge of my band's mailing list, which I run using Outlook Express 5. We have 55 people on the list, but not all of them are happy about their email addresses going out to everyone else on the list.  Is there any way to withhold the addresses of the people I'm sending the message to?  I send messages in the normal way, with everybody who it is going to in the "To" field.
Tom Patrick


Put the addresses in the ‘Bcc’ or blind carbon copy box on the Select Recipients dialogue window, (the one that appears after you select New Mail and click on ‘To’). Now it’s the turn of F!F!F! readers to solve a puzzle; we’re stumped by this related query from Paul Kirkwood, any suggestions?


I occasionally send out press releases by email to several addresses. To stop recipients seeing who else is on my list I include their names in the Bcc box. Ideally, though, I'd like to show individual names in the To box as if it was a one-off, personal mail. Is there any way I can do this?

Paul Kirkwood




I have Windows 95 installed on my computer. Could you please tell me how do I replace '95 with '98? I have asked different people but did not get any convincing answers as to how to go about it.

Ashoke Sen


It is a very straightforward job but make sure your PC is up to spec (Pentium or Pentium class processor, preferably 166MHz or faster with at least 32Mb of RAM) and before you begin, back up all of your non-replaceable files and data. Exit all programs and load the Windows 98 installation disc. Setup usually starts automatically, if not go to Run on the Start menu and type D:/setup (where D: is the letter for your CD-ROM drive) and follow the instructions.



I prefer to enter my password each time I log to the Internet rather than Outlook Express remembering the password. This is how I had things set, but for some unknown reason the password for each of my accounts is now automatically inserted on the Dial-up Connection window and the save password box is checked. Unchecking the save password box does not work and save password is not checked under Tools > Accounts > Mail > Properties. Removing the password from Settings on the Dial-up Connection window is also unsuccessful. How do I revert to how things were?

Michael Hurley


Delete or better still rename the password files by going to Find on the Start menu and type *.pwl in the Named field. This should turn up one or more files starting with your name (or the registered name of the PC). Rename each one by right clicking on the file icon and giving it the extension .old.


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